Our next race will be at
Walton Gardens :-)
Open to everyone!
Running takes place every TUESDAY with Mrs Rodgers, Mr Driver, Mr Scott and Mr Doran.
We also have ex pupils who come and support our running club. 
We have over 40 runners in KeyStage 2 who attend our club.
One of the highlights of our running calendar our the races at Walton Gardens. We participate what ever the weather!
All our runners took part in the 'Sports Relief' event that was hosted by our school.
Each year we host our own Warrington Schools cross country event. 200 children participate from Years 3 - 6.
This year it will take place on the 24th May.
Come and join Mrs Rodgers every Sunday at The Orford Hub Junior Park Run.
It starts at 9am- but remember to register first and bring your bar code (on a piece of paper-it won't be accepted on your phone).
Register at: