All Stars Wrap Around Care

Welcome to Allstars breakfast and after-school wraparound care.
Our aims are to provide children with a broad range of experiences, quiet areas to read and complete homework and opportunities to take part in a variety of arts and craft activities and the opportunity to play outside and try different sports. Our permanent school staff provide warm, nurturing care for your child, with our school ethos:
‘Where learning is fun!’ is a priority when planning activities.

The Staff- All our staff work within school  and are  familiar to your children. Most staff are Level 3 qualified and all have up to date first aid, food handling and safeguarding training.

Breakfast- The children are offered a range of breakfast cereals, toast and drinks with the occasional croisant or pain au chocolate as a treat. They are then able to relax and play so that they are ready for a busy day of learning. The older children are given the opportunity to access their homework tasks and complete them in a quiet environment. The cost is £3.50 per session and must be booked on ParentPay in advance..

After School- The children are provided with a healthy snack and juice - this may be sandwiches, wraps, pizza, jacket potatoes, toast  with beans/hoops, breadsticks and dips or pasta depending on the children's preferences and the time of year. They can then choose what to do with their free time. The children have access to I-pads (to complete homework or use our educational Maths and English Apps), the playgrounds, fields, craft activities, board games and a reading area. The cost is £10.00 per session and must be booked on ParentPay in advance.

Flexibility- Using the 'Parent Pay' facility makes it extremely easy to book and pay for your child's childcare. You can use the wraparound care as you need it, on an ad hoc basis,you don't need to organise (or pay for) fixed days. We do ask you to book all sessions via ParentPay.

Please do not hesitate in contacting the school office if you have any questions on how to enrol your child.