Primary Futures

We are very lucky to have been supported by the Primary Futures charity who have offered us a variety of opportunities to enable our children to learn first hand about the world of work, to inspire and encourage them to aim high in their career choices.

We have had visitors to school who have talked about their job, the qualifications that they needed to do the job and allowed the children to ask questions to learn more. We have had pilots to physios and a huge range of scientific jobs for the children to learn more about.


We have also had virtual online meetings with some amazing people – Rachel de Souza, the children’s Commissioner for England, the Education secretary and Lady Mary Richardson to name just a few.


Mrs Dodd and a group of children were very lucky to be invited to London to visit 10 Downing St, meet Boris Johnson and take part in the first children’s parliament – all on the eve of Brexit. It was a truly once in a lifetime opportunity that will never be forgotten!


We are taking part in a World Book day event in March 2023 where the children will be able to have access to meet volunteers from the world of work, whose jobs link to reading and writing.