SMSC is at the heart of everything we do at Culcheth Primary School and is embedded in our school values. Assessment in this subject is monitored through our SMSC grid by all staff.
SMSC  it is designed to be flexible to meet the individual needs of each class however it is also delivered in weekly lessons following the Kapow scheme of work from Reception to Year 6. This ensures a rich and vigorous curriculum which gives Culcheth children a breath of learning across the key areas: Family and relationships, Health and well-being, citizenship, economic well-being, safety and changing bodies.
The RSHE curriculum incorporates the Equality policy and SMSC Policy.
  •  The RSHE scheme is linked with the SMSC, Science, Computing and PE scheme where possible.

  • Relationship education is developed through the Kapow  scheme, however, it is also designed to be flexible so that it can meet the individual needs of each class. It also links strongly with our SMSC curriculum and school values. 

  • At Culcheth we are clear we wish all our children to be understanding and respectful of all relationships, including LGBT. The understanding of varied family life is raised naturally through discussions from chosen stories for each year group. Building on understanding throughout the Key stages.  

  • Health Education links strongly to Science, DT and PE and lessons are delivered in a cross curricular approach where appropriate.

  • Staff ensure that 1 hr is timetabled a week, for stand alone SMSC/ RSHE lessons including Kapow. 

  • SRE is taught through the Kapow scheme, Reception- Year 4 and through the School Nurses in Year 5 and 6.