During key Stage 1 lessons- pupils listen carefully and respond physically to a wide range of music. They play instruments and sing a variety of songs from memory, adding accompaniments and creating short compositions, with increasing confidence, imagination and control. They explore and enjoy how sounds and silence can create different moods and effects.

During key Stage 2 lessons- pupils sing songs and play instruments with increasing confidence, skill, expression and awareness of their own contribution to a group or class performance. They improvise, and develop their own musical compositions, in response to a variety of different stimuli with increasing personal involvement, independence and creativity. They explore their thoughts and feelings through responding physically, intellectually and emotionally to a variety of music from different times and cultures

Performing skills

Every child will be taught to sing a wide ranging variety of songs and to use their voices expressively in lessons and in whole school singing.

All pupils will have the opportunity to play tuned and un-tuned instruments-from a selection of percussion instruments.

From Key stage 2 onwards all pupils will be:

  • Able to learn the recorder and keyboard
  • Allowed to rehearse and perform with others with an awareness of audience
  • Given opportunities to perform to each other and other classes, whole school and parents and other schools and venues (e.g Phones 4U arena)