Welcome to our Arts page!
Art is run throughout the school by Miss Wardle. On this page you will find information about which artists each class cover throughout the year, the Kapow scheme that we follow and the National Curriculum.
Every year we hold our annual Arts week where we invite artists into school to provide workshops for the children and give them the opportunity to learn new skills.
If you would like any more information please contact Miss Wardle at the school.
This year, we took part in the PAN exhibition in Warrington. The theme for this year was 'Same but different'. We decided to base our Art work on the book by Linda Kranz, 'You be you.' We discussed how the little fish had been out exploring the colourful world on his own and noticed how many fish there were and how they were all different. The book brings the message of opposites, diversity and acceptance of life. 
Artist of the month
As part of our Art curriculum, we want the children to know a variety of artists as well as the ones that are covered in lessons. We have decided to introduce 'Artist of the month' across school. This involves the children looking at a different artist each month. The children will learn about the life of the artist, what art form they use and look at examples of their work. The 'Artist of the month' is displayed in each of the classrooms for the children to see. 
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Keep checking back for any new competitions that are coming up. 
Why not create your own Picasso Head?
Try to create your own piece of Tinga Tinga art.