Our School Council

School Council 2016/2017

Each class had 2 elected representatives who collect the opinions of their class on a range of issues.


Autumn 2016

We discussed homework again – all classes reported that the majority of children enjoyed homework. Over 2/3 of children said that they read at least 3 times a week. We discussed which kinds of homework the children enjoyed best – this was a mixture of all types set.

Children’s ideas of how to make homework better were to have more games in Maths and English, more quizzes and puzzles ans more online homework.


  • School council were asked to find out about how children judged behaviour in their class. There was a strongly positive response, although some of the children were critical of isolated incidents.


  • School Council had requested a Friendship bench and  together with their classes came up with a unique design


  • Council were asked how they would like school to use Sports Funding – they came up with a long list of suggestions and a subsequent order was made for equipment.


  • School council were asked to gather their class views on the most popular end of term reward for ‘Star Winners’ The most popular choice was to go to a trampoline park – the children suggested that they would like to try a new centre in Widnes that some of the children had visited. The booking was made and announced to children in assembly.


  • Children were asked to find out the views of their class regarding quiet areas around school – whether they would like to have them and if so what the areas would contain.