Welcome to Reception's class page
Our Reception children at Culcheth Community Primary school are encouraged to be confident, inquisitive, independent individuals. Children who are not afraid to explore the unknown and seek answers to their endless questions. 
Our Children have an indoor room, a covered outdoor learning area and their own gated outdoor area in which they can choose to learn ...
Our School Day in Reception...
A Whole Class Phonics Session
Catch-up Phonics Groups
Daily English and Maths Lessons
Independent Learning Opportunities Indoors and Outdoors
Directed Challenge Activities
Throughout The Week..
PE Sessions
Guided English and Maths Sessions
Guided Art/Craft Activities
Weekly Yoga Sessions
Endless Speaking and Listening Opportunities
Helpful Hints...
Below are some publications to help you understand more about the Early Years framework and outcomes for your child. Please feel free to download and read them. If you have any questions please call school and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
In Reception, we use the Core 5 Lexia program both at school and at home (when the children are ready), to help support the children with their phonics and reading. All the children have a login and can access their Lexia account from home. It is a very effective tool in helping children to consolidate their daily Phonics 'Letters and Sounds' sessions. 
Learning From Home?
Below are some useful websites and you tube clips to help...
'Yoga for Kids' - some really good interactive yoga sessions that are easy to access at home.
'Phonics Play' - some free interactive phonics games linked to Letters and Sounds (try out the 'Phase 2' games).
'BBC Bitesize' - There are some really good Early Years/Reception activities and clips for the children to use.
'Pronouncing phonemes correctly' - These are you tube clips which demonstrate how to pronounce phonemes (letter sounds) correctly.
Moe Jones : YouTube, Exercise workouts for parents and children to do together.
Oak Academy (online) have lots of online learning for Reception/Early years.
I hope that you find these useful, I will continue to add to the list.
Thank you Mrs Smith.
Wednesday 6th January 2021
Our class read for the next three weeks is 'Penguins Can't Fly' By Richard Byrne
Speaking and Listening focus, Can you tell your grown ups at home the story of Gregory the gull and Hudson the penguin?
Remember to tell them what Hudson wanted to do and how he helped his friend Gregory!!
Maybe you could send me a video on dojo of you re-telling the story.
Can you practise writing your numbers from 0-10 all the right way around? Send me a picture on dojo of you writing them all correctly 5 times.
Please can you do 30 mins (minimum) of Lexia.
Make yourself a medal to wear that celebrates what you are good at. Use words and pictures on your medal and send me a photo on dojo of you wearing your medal.
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you make some different shaped icebergs (ice cubes) for Hudson the penguin?
Can you make them different sizes and colours?
How will you make them?
When they are ready later in the week send me some pictures of them.
I look forward to watching your videos and seeing photographs of the super learning that you have been doing at home today.
Love Mrs S x
The children will have their reading books changed twice a week on designated days and we would would ask that they bring their reading folder in to school with them each day.
Along with reading books they may also bring home key words on cards that they need to learn or letter sounds that they are struggling with. These will be accompanied with a list of suggested games/activities for you to do with them.
Please can you sign their Reading Diary each time that you read with your child, along with any comments that you wish to make about their efforts/achievements.
In order to give your child the best possible start to their Reading Journey we ask that you read with them at least three times a week for 15 minutes, the time that you invest is invaluable to your child becoming a confident, independent reader and we really appreciate your support.
Maths Seeds
Your child will also receive a password and log in details (contained within the front cover of their Reading Diary) to an online Maths Scheme for them to complete at home. We recommend 20 minutes minimum per week but are sure that they will be eager to do more.
Thursday 7th January 2021
Happy Thursday Reception...
'Maths Seeds', 30 minutes (minimum)
Write a sentence about something that you are good at, at school and a sentence about something that you would like to get better at.
Remember to listen carefully for the sounds that you can hear when you are writing your words and don't worry if you miss some out, remember that we are still learning to have a go at writing by ourselves.
You can ask your grown-up if you can't remember what a phoneme (sound) looks like (grapheme), just try your very best and send me some pictures of your super efforts Reception.
'Phonics Play' : play one of the 'phase 2' free online games.
Design a new hat for Hudson the penguin as he lost his when he went diving and had to be rescued by his friend Gregory the gull.
Send me a photo of Hudson's new hat, I can't wait to see them!
I am looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic efforts today Reception. I am super proud of how grown up you are being for your grown-up's at home.
Mrs Smith x
Friday 8th January 2021
Have a 'Fantastic' Friday Reception...
Choose your favourite story/book from home and share the book with your grown-up. Explain what is happening within the pictures and point out to them any graphemes (letters) that you can read and any words that you know or can sound out. Please can you send me a video via dojo of your super story telling.
Feeding Hudson the Penguin...
Please can you draw around the bottom of a mug to create 4 plate shapes. Please can you add 6,7,8,9 fish onto the plates. Remember to count carefully as you draw each fish.
Send me a photo before he eats them!!!
'Lexia' 30 minutes (minimum).
Gregory needs to learn to fish, please can you make him a fishing rod using some junk modelling resources ie, tubes and string etc...
Don't forget to send me a photo or video.
Enjoy a SUPER weekend Reception, very well done on a fantastic week. 
Take care, Mrs S xx
Monday 11th January 2021
Happy, happy Monday Reception. Remember to try your very best again at home this week...
Can you use an empty toilet roll tube to make your very own Hudson the penguin. You could use paint, felt pens, crayons or anything else that you would like.
Please can you send me a video of you explaining how you made your Hudson and what you decided to use.
Can you write a 'Help Me...' message in a bottle from Gregory the gull.
You could write it onto a piece of paper and roll it up and put it into an empty bottle, or you could draw a large bottle outline and write your message onto it. Either way, can you send me a photo of your super efforts.
How many different ways can you make 5?
On a large piece of paper can you show me using picture and/or numbers of as many different ways as you can for making 5.
For example, you could draw 3 apples and 2 strawberries in a group together or 1 dog, 2 cats and 2 fish or 1+4=5 etc...
Don't forget to take a photo or video to send to me.
Dear Parents/Carers please could you write out the following passage from our class read...
...Hudson, sensing something was wrong, dived into the water and swam down to the sea bed. Gregory was tangled in a fisherman's net...
Reception can you go through the passage and use 1 coloured pen to draw a circle around and grapheme/phoneme (letter sound) that you can read correctly to your grown-up and a different colour around any whole word that you can read by yourself.
Don't forget a photo for me!!!
Knowledge and Understanding
Feathers helped Gregory to fly. How many ways can you find to keep a feather off the ground and in the air?
Think carefully about what you could use and send me a video of you trying to keep your feather up...
Have fun!!!
I can't wait to see all of your super hard work at home. I bet that I'll get lots of fantastic photos and videos.
Love Mrs Smith x
Tuesday 12th January 2021
Let's have another FANTASTIC week Reception...
Design/Draw and label a 'fishing boat' (that you are going to make from junk materials, which needs to be able to float) that can help to return Gregory and Hudson back to land after the big rescue.
Remember to try your very best with sounding out carefully when you are labelling your design.
Q: What will you use to make each part of your boat?
Q: Can you tell your grown-ups what you will need them to find for you?
Remember to send me lots of photos, along with maybe a video of you explaining to your grown up what you will need to make your boat.
Follow your design to make your boat.
Q: Does your boat float?
Q: Can you make any changes to make it float?
Q: Why do you think it does/does not float?
Remember to send me some photographs and maybe you could send me a video of you trying to float your boat and explaining what happens and why ?
Lexia 30 minutes (minimum).
Whole/Part Model: Making 5 (See Dojo Stories for an example) How many different ways can you complete these?
Knowledge and Understanding
Find out what kinds of 'Harmful' things can end up in the ocean. Can you look around your house and make a collage of some of those things (I would look around your kitchen and the things that you might be throwing into your bin).
Don't forget to send me a beautiful photo of even a video of you explaining what you have chosen to add to your collage.
I'm excited to see more of your fantastic work again Reception.
Mrs Smith xx
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Happy Wednesday Reception...KEEP SHINING XX
English/Food Technology
Follow the 'Talk for Writing' Instructions that your friends at school made and read for you, to make your own 'Penguin Pizza'. Look at all of the reminder 'Talk for Writing' action photo's on dojo and watch the video of your friends reading the Talk For Writing instructions.
Q: Can you teach your grown-up's our 'Talk for Writing' actions?
'I spy with my little eye...'
Dear Parents/Carers, please can you play a game of 'eye spy' with your little superstar and try to catch them out. Can you also encourage them to try and catch you out too.
Not that Reception cheat (much!!!), please can you make sure that both you and they are spying things that they can actually see around them.
Enjoy xx
Knowledge and Understanding
Melting Ice: Please can you try 5 different ways to melt an ice cube. Think about how you could make things hotter.
Q: Could you wrap them in different things?
Q: Which ice cube melted the fastest/slowest?
Don't forget more of those super photos and videos...
Looking at the 'Whole/Part Model' work from yesterday...look at Dojo Stories to see if you can work out the 'Missing' numbers from the 'Whole/Part Model'.
Remember how proud of you I am Reception x
Thursday 14th January 2021
Have another great day Reception...
Please can you find out 5 facts about penguins with the help of your grown-ups, you can use books, video clips (there are some lovely you tube video clips about penguins that are made specifically for young children) or maybe your grown ups already know some facts that they can tell you about.
Please can you send me a video of you telling me all about the 5 facts that you have discovered.
Number Bonds to 5 'fish'...
Please can you play a game of fish with your grown up, using the number bonds to 5 (Parents/Carers, please can you make 4 sets of number cards 0-5, one number on each card. You take it in turns to turn over 2 cards, and if the two numbers added together make 5 you keep the cards) You can use your fingers to add the two numbers together or anything else that will help, like buttons or dried pasta etc...
Design (and make if you would like to...) a kite for Hudson to use to try to fly. 
Knowledge and Understanding
Hudson helped Gregory when he needed it the most, who helps you?
Can you draw me some pictures of all of the people who help you and label to tell me who they are and how they help you.
Remember to sent me a photo.
Watch the 'Alphablocks' episode about the vowels and write down the vowels to show me. 
Watch the video of your friends on dojo to help you to learn a song to remember your vowels.
I look forward to hearing all about how well you are doing at home again Reception xx
Friday 15th January 2021
Happy Friday Reception, have another great day!
Speaking and Listening Focus...
Play a game of 'Eye Spy' with your grown ups, using the sounds 'p' and 's' (for penguin and seagull).
Keep score and don't forget to tell me who wins!
'Maths Seeds' 30 minutes (minimum)
Knowledge and Understanding
Look at the lighthouse in our book, can you make me a poster of as many different things that you can think of that give us light.
CHALLENGE: Can you label them all too?
Lexia 30 minutes (minimum)
Trying to fly was really tricky for Hudson, I think that a windy day may have helped him. Can you make something that you could stick in your grass outside (or in a plant pot outside) that will show you how windy it is outside.
Please can you show me a photo or maybe a video of you explaining what you did?
Well Done Reception on another super week of learning at home.
Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Smith xx
Welcome to week 3 of your home learning Reception...
Week Beginning 18th January 2021
Monday 18th January
Our new class read this week: 'Peanut' By David Lucas (listen to the story on our class dojo stories page).
In the story, 'Peanut' says "I am a monkey as big as a nut".
In your neatest handwriting Reception, please can you copy out and complete the following five sentences...
1. I am as small as a...
2. I am as long as...
3. I am as fat as a...
4. I am as hot as a...
5. I am as flat as a...
When you choose something to complete each sentence, remember to sound out carefully and to listen to the sounds that you can hear as you write the words by yourself. You can ask your grown ups to help you to remember what the graphemes (written letter shape) look like, but try your very best by yourself first.
I look forward to hearing you read your sentences aloud to me.
Take a look at us using our 'Tens Frames' on class dojo stories and see if you can show me as many different ways of filling the squares by colouring them in red and blue.
Can you take a photo of your frames to show me?
Can you make a 'Magical Forest' picture just like the one that Peanut and beetle woke up in?
You could, draw, paint, colour, chalk or cut and stick to make your forest picture.
I would love to see a photo of your picture please.
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you draw and label as many different insects that you can think of? (Maybe you could use our class book to help you).
I wonder who will think of the most insects?
Lexia 30 minutes (minimum)
I hope that you have another great start to the week Reception x
Tuesday 19th January
Imagine that you are 'Beetle', make a 'Thank you' card or note to 'Peanut' thanking him for saving you from falling out of the tree.
You could add a lovely picture too!
Using your 'Tens Frame' again can you show me (by colouring in the squares) 6,7,8,9 and 10.
Remember to count carefully as you go so that you don't colour too many or too few.
Please can you send me a photo of your work too.
Make a butterfly using either paints, felt pens or coloured pencils. Before you begin though, find out what is special about the patterns and colours on a butterfly's wings!
Please can you send me a video clip telling me all about what you have found out.
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you find out all about the 'Life Cycle' of a caterpillar?
You could make a picture with labels to show me, or you could send me a video explaining all about it. Or maybe you would like to make a model of it?
I can't wait to see how you will choose to tell me all about it!
Play a game of 'Farmer, Farmer' with your grown up using CVC words.
There is a video of your friends playing the game with me on our Dojo Stories for you to watch with your grown ups first.
Remember that you are all 'SUPERSTARS' Reception x
Wednesday 20th January
Happy Wednesday Reception! Have a great day...
'Maths Seeds' 30 minutes (minimum)
Make a set of cards with these rhyming words...
Play a game of matching pairs using these cards with your grown ups. Remember to take care when you are writing the words onto the cards, use your neatest hand writing and sound out carefully.
Let me know who wins the game!
Knowledge and Understanding
Go for a short walk with your grown ups (maybe just around your garden if you can't go further) and look for signs of any mini-beasts/insects that you can see.
Q: Can you see any signs that any have been there before?
Let me know what you discover...
Play a game of 'Phoneme Splat' (see our class stories on dojo to help you to play it) with your grown ups. Maybe as a challenge you could play it with words too. Challenge your grown up to a game, I bet that you will be faster than they are!
Draw and/or make a 'Bug Hotel' that you could put in a garden.
Q: What could you use?
Q: How could you make it?
Look at the photo of our bug hotel outside our classroom on dojo stories to help you with your ideas.
I hope that you've had fun and learnt lots again today Reception x
Thursday 21st January
Phase 2 'Caption' writing (see class stories on dojo to choose 5 captions to dictate to your little one).
1. Listen carefully to what your grown up is asking you to write.
2. Count how many words are in the caption that your grown up has said.
3. Write 1 word at a time sounding out each phoneme before you write it.
4. Remember that you can use your robot arms to help you to hear the initial, middle and final sounds within each word.
5. Remember neatest letter writing (think carefully about what each grapheme looks like).
6. Don't forget a finger spaces in between each word.
I can't wait to see your beautiful handwriting.
Look at the tens frames that your friends in school have made for you (see dojo stories next week). Count which numbers they have made. Can you beat your grown ups at it?
Draw a picture of Peanut the monkey. Can you make and cut out a beautiful flower to hide him behind.
Send me a photo and I'll try and see if I can spot Peanut behind the flower.
Remember to hold your scissors as carefully as you have learnt to in school.
Where is Peanut hiding I wonder?
Knowledge and Understanding
Make a map of where you went on your mini-beast walk with your grown ups yesterday (even if you walked around your own garden). If you found any bugs or signs of bugs please can you show me on your map where you found them.
Can your grown ups choose a different five phase 2 'captions' to write out for you to sound out and read by yourself (we have learnt all of the graphemes/phonemes that you will see and be asked to read).
Please can you send me a video of your brilliant reading.
Friday 22nd January
Happy 'Mini-Beast Picnic Day' Reception ...
So, your morning activities involve getting ready for your mini-beast carpet picnic at home with your grown ups today. 
Grown ups, please take the opportunity to talk through the preparation of anything that you have decided to make together to eat for your picnic. You have seen the examples of what we will be making in school for our picnic (photos on class dojo stories) but please make any mini-beast/bug themed dishes that you know that your little one will enjoy.
In school we will be talking to the children about what we are doing 'first', 'next', 'after that' etc...Using our Talk for Writing actions.
We will speak about 'mixing', 'melting', 'dissolving', 'spreading' and 'rolling' things etc... Along with speaking about shapes, colours and measures.
There will also be opportunities to think about our senses too...What does it look, smell, feel and taste like?
Writing Opportunity: Can you write/make an invitation to invite your grown up to your mini-beast carpet picnic Reception?
Please send me and your friends at school some photos and video messages throughout the day and we will send some back to you throughout the day too.
As a SUPER 'Fun Day Friday' afternoon treat reception enjoy your carpet mini-beast picnic and why not watch a film together, maybe 'Bugs Life', or 'The Bee Movie', or 'Ants'...
Enjoy your afternoon Reception and have a lovely weekend.
Mrs S xxx
Week Beginning 25.01.21
Happy Monday Reception, I hope that you had a lovely weekend.
Our class text this week is...The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.
Monday 25th January
Read our class book with your grown ups. The book is on our class stories on dojo.
Q: Which character was your favourite?
Q: Why?
Q: Which part of the story was your favourite?
Q: Why?
Longer and Shorter...Use a piece of string, ribbon or a shoe lace as a measure. Can you go around your house and measure, draw and label 6 objects that are longer than your string and 6 that are shorter than your string.
Take care to colour them in carefully and sound out carefully when you are writing your labels.
Don't forget to send me a photo. Happy measuring!
Make a 'WARNING' poster about the Gruffalo. Draw a picture of him in a frame and write some words to describe what he looks like...
ie, big, scary, hairy etc...Don't forget to tell people to look out for him!
Knowledge and Understanding
Look at the silhouettes of 'Forest' animals on our dojo stories.
Can you guess what each of the animals are? You could send me a video of you trying to guess. Good Luck!
Look at the snake in our story on dojo stories. Using a paper plate make a spiral snake. An example is on there too.
Colour carefully and don't forget to hold your scissors correctly too.
Lexia: 30 minutes (minimum) or Oxford Reading Buddies 30 minutes (minimum)
Don't forget to keep an eye out for the Gruffalo!!!
Tuesday 26th January
Have another great day Reception. I hope that nobody has spotted the Gruffalo yet!
We know what some of the Gruffalo's favourite foods are. Please can you write me a list of your favourite foods too.
Remember that a list of words is written with one word on each line underneath each other. Take care to sound out carefully and listen as hard as you can for as many phonemes that you can hear within each word. Show your grown ups how perfectly you can hold your pencil too.
You could even add some pictures of your favourite foods to your list as well.
Send me a photo.
Directions...Can you learn which is your left hand side and which is your right, maybe you could start by writing 'l' and 'r' on the correct hand first.
Place a toy somewhere within the room that you are working in and give your grown ups directions to follow to find, 2 steps forwards, turn left, 3 steps forwards etc...
Can you use 'forwards', 'backwards', 'left', 'right' and 'turn'.
Maybe your grown ups could give you directions to follow too.
I would love to see a video.
Knowledge and Understanding
Woodland animals are always in danger from people dropping rubbish. Please can you make a poster to encourage people not to drop their rubbish.
Q: What could they do with their rubbish instead?
I can't wait to see your posters.
Can you make some crispy cake Gruffalo footprints. Have a look at a photo and a list of the ingredients on our class stories on dojo.
They look really yummy!
Take a look at these 'common exception' words. They are words that are often impossible to sound out so we just have to learn them...
Can you make two sets of these words on individual cards and then play a game of 'snap' with your grown ups. Afterwards you can stick the words up around your house and challenge yourself to learn to read them all.
I bet that you will do a great job!
Keep trying your very best Reception, I'm so very proud of you all!
Wednesday 27th January
Hope that you have another great day Reception, stay safe...
Make some stick puppets of the characters from the Gruffalo story and re-tell the story to your grown ups using them.
Ask your grown ups to take a video of you doing it and we can all share them on class stories on our dojo.
Maths Seeds 30 minutes (minimum).
'Little Yoga Stars' : Episode 16, The Gruffalo
Do some yoga with your grown ups using this YouTube site.
Make sure that your grown ups join in too!!!
Knowledge and Understanding
Choose one of the animals from the '...deep, dark wood...' where the Gruffalo lives, and find out five facts about them.
Please can you write down the five facts in full sentences. Remember to begin with a capital letter and to end with a full stop and try really hard with your sounding out to build your words too.
Can you add a beautiful picture of your chosen animal too please.
Word Splat: Play a game of 'splat' using the following words...
Your grown up could shout out the whole word for you to splat or they could sound the word out that they want you to splat.
Good Luck Reception, let me know how you get on...x
Make a paper plate owl with wings that make him look like he is flying.
See an example on our class stories on dojo.
I can't wait to see them.
Looking forward to seeing all of your super efforts again Reception.
Thursday 28th January
Happy Thursday Reception! Are you ready to learn lots?
Write a list of the characters within the story and draw their pictures too.
Remember that when you write a list of words each word is written underneath the word before. I know that you will take care to sound out carefully and that you will try your very best to write your letter shapes correctly.
I can't wait to see your finished lists.
Common 2D Shapes: triangle, circle, square, rectangle...
Look around your house carefully. How many things can you find to draw around that would leave these shapes on your paper?
Have a go and see...
Don't forget to ask your grown ups before you take something to draw around. With their help look at the top, bottom and sides of objects, can you see any of the shapes that we are looking for?
CHALLENGE: Can you label what you have drawn around to make each shape?
Good Luck, I can't wait to see what you will find.
Watch 'The Gruffalo song and 3D Video' on YouTube.
Can you learn the song along with your grown up?
Send me a video of your performances.
It's so much fun!
Knowledge and Understanding
All of the birds in the 'Deep, Dark Wood' are hungry and so are the birds in your garden at this time of year. Please can you make an apple bird feeder to hang in your garden or maybe on a tree in the park?
Your friends in school will be making theirs on Monday and will create a set of 'Talk for Writing' instructions for you to use to make yours today.
Don't forget to send me a photo.
Gruffalo Crumble
Can you make your own Gruffalo Crumble desert. You could make a traditional crumble or maybe even create your own Gruffalo Crumble. If you aren't able to cook or assemble a real one, maybe you could draw what your imaginary crumble would look like.
I bet they'll all look yummy...
Phonemes: v,w,y,x
Look at the graphemes (written letters) and pictures that match to todays phonemes (sounds) that are on our class stories on dojo. Can you match each picture to its grapheme/initial phoneme please.
I bet that you will blow me away with your super efforts again today.
Ps, Has anyone seen the Gruffalo out and about yet? xx
Friday 29th January
Hope that you are ready for another 'Fun Friday' Reception.
The Gruffalo would like to ask you if you would write a little 'I'm Sorry' note to the rest of the woodland animals for him. He's not very good at writing and is rubbish at sounding out, but he has been watching you all week and would really like your help.
I hope that you can show him your super sounding out and careful writing whilst you write his 'sorry' note for him.
You could make it as a letter, note or a card (you choose) and maybe even add a beautiful picture to go with it.
If you send me a photo of your work I will post them off to the 'Deep, Dark Wood' xx
Heavy/Light : Please can you choose a tin of something out of your kitchen cupboard with help from your grown ups. Can you find 5 things to weigh, draw and label that are heavier than your tin and 5 that are lighter than it.
Hold your tin in one hand and your object in the other, which feels heavier/lighter?
I can't wait to see what you find whilst you are investigating.
Knowledge and Understanding
Think about the woodland animals that the Gruffalo meets...
Can you find out which of these animals hibernate and tell me what that means?
You could send me a video... 
Make a Gruffalo headband to scare your grown ups with. Take a look at an example of our class stories on dojo.
Please send me a photo that I can share with all of your friends at school and I will share theirs with you too. x
Using cards with he phonemes/graphemes that we learnt yesterday, write 5 sets of each out and put them up around your house. Ask your grown ups to challenge you to find and correctly read each one.
Let me know how you get on Reception...
I hope that you have another lovely weekend with your family at home Reception. Please give your grown ups a big hug for helping you to learn at home again this week.
Mrs S x
Week Beginning 1.02.21
Our class read this week is the fairy tale 'Hansel & Gretel'...
Monday 1.02.21
Tell your grown ups what you already know about the story. Read the story together if you have a copy of it or watch a version of the story together on YouTube.
Talk about your favourite parts in the story and about the characters too...
Q. What was the problem that Hansel and Gretel had to solve in the story?
Q: How did they solve the problem?
Let me know which part of the story you enjoyed the most.
Maths Seeds- 30 minutes (minimum).
Knowledge and Understanding
Feely Bag: Hansel gave the witch a stick to feel instead of his finger.
Can you guess, without looking, the objects that your grown ups have put into a bag for you to feel. Imagine that you are the witch with really bad eyesight and don't peep inside the bag just try to guess using your fingers.
Can you send me a video of your 'feely bag' challenge...
Can you draw or make the key that the witch used to lock Hansel into the cage. You could make it into a magic key.
I would love to see a photo of it...
We are moving on to 'Phase 3' in our 'Letters and Sounds' lessons and today we are looking at the 'digraph' 'ch'.
A digraph is 2 phonemes/graphemes which make 1 sound.
Can you draw some pictures of as many things as you can think of that begin with the digraph 'ch'.
I would love see you try to write the digraph 'ch' too.
Carry on working very hard for your grown ups Reception.
Mrs Smith x
Tuesday 2nd February
Happy Tuesday Reception!
Draw/paint a picture of the witch in the story and write down five words to describe her. Describing words are called 'adjectives' Reception. Think about ...
Q: What does she look like?
Q: What does she sound like?
Q: What does she smell like?
Q: What would she move like?
...these questions should help you to think of your adjectives.
Please can you send me a photo of your work.
Addition to 10...
Using pictures, counters, dried pasta, sweets or your fingers, can you complete these calculations and then send me a video clip to tell me all about what you used to help you to work them out...
Remember to count carefully...
Knowledge and Understanding
Hansel and Gretel left a trail of breadcrumbs through the forest but the birds ate them. Please can you leave a trail of breadcrumbs in your garden and then go inside and sit quietly to see if any birds come to eat them.
Q:Can you find out the names/types of birds that you see?
Q: How many birds did you see?
Remember to stay nice and quiet Reception...
Make a toilet roll model of one of the birds that you see today or of one of the birds that may have eaten Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs.
Please can you send me a photo.
Lexia - 30 minutes (minimum)
Well done for trying your best again today and for making your grown ups and I very proud of you!
Wednesday 3rd February
Have a great Wednesday Reception...
Make a set of addition calculation cards but put the answer on a separate card. Place them face down in two groups, 1 group of calculations (ie, 4+3=) and 1 group of answers (ie, 7). Can you play a game of matching pairs to try to match the calculation up with the correct answer.
Remember to use all of the methods and resources that you used to help you with your calculation work last time.
Make a 'Missing' poster for Hansel and Gretel. Draw a picture of them and then write some sentences to describe what they look like...
Q: What colour hair do they have?
Q: What were they wearing when they were last seen?
Q: Where were they last seen?
Can you send me a photo of your poster please.
Knowledge and Understanding
How is bread made?
Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs on there way through the forest. Can you find out how bread is made...
You could watch a video on YouTube or read/listen to the story of 'The Little Red Hen', there is even an episode of BBC 'Come Outside' that you could watch too.
Can you send me a video of you explaining to me what you have learnt...
Look at the digraph 'sh'. As you did earlier in the week, can you draw and label as many words/objects that you can think of that begin with 'sh'.
Q: Did you manage to think of more 'ch' or more 'sh' words?
Can you show me...
Can you make a gingerbread biscuit shaped like a house and decorate it. If you can't make the biscuit then maybe you could draw it onto a large piece of paper and decorate it with painted sweets.
I can't wait to see your witches house made from gingerbread and sweets.
Well done on another great day Reception!
Thursday 4th February
I can't wait to see your work this week again Reception...
Can you make a map of the forest that Hansel and Gretel walked through. Please can you read the following captions and add these things to your map...
a big red fox
a duck on a pond
a pig in the mud
the sun
Can you write out each caption after you have drawn what it says.
I cant wait to see your maps.
Can you ask your grown ups to stick up the calculation cards that you made yesterday around your house.
See if they can challenge you to go and find a calculation which totals ie, 5 etc...
CHALLENGE: Can your grown ups stick some calculations up that total more than 10 for you to find?
Knowledge and Understanding
Play a game of A.L.E.X (a free app to download). Can you use the directional arrows to move Alex the robot through his maze just like Hansel and Gretel had to move through the forest.
Let me know which level you get to, remember to think about the 'Directions' maths work that you did last week.
Can you make a junk model of the witches gingerbread house or a junk model of one of the birds that ate the breadcrumb trail.
Maybe you could also make it from Lego or play dough too.
Play a game of 'Pirate Treasure' on Phonics Play. Go into Phase three and select words with the 'ch' and 'sh' digraphs.
Let me know your score...
Another AMAZING day Reception! Let's have a fun filled Friday tomorrow too.
Mrs Smith x
Friday 5th February
Happy Friday! Don't forget our zoom meeting at 11.30am.
Maths Seeds: 30 minutes (minimum)
Please can you write me three super sentences about the Hansel and Gretel story.
Remember to sound out carefully as you are building your words and remember to rehearse your sentence out loud first.
Please can you send me a photo of your beautifully written sentences.
Hansel used a stick to trick the witch into thinking that it was his finger, can you go outside and find your own stick and turn it into something else?
Listen to the story 'Stanley's Stick' by John Hegley on YouTube for some great ideas.
I would love to see a photo of your creation.
Can you look through some of your books at home and find some words with our two new digraphs 'ch','sh' in them.
Please can you carefully write them down to show me. worked really hard again this week Reception, why don't you have a 'games' afternoon with your grown ups.
Have a lovely time x
Week Beginning 8th February
Our class text this week is 'The Everywhere Bear' by Julia Donaldson.
Monday 8th February
Listen to the story of 'The Everywhere Bear' read by Pauline Quirke on YouTube.
Imagine that you are the 'Everywhere Bear' and write me a postcard to tell me about one of the places that you visited from within the story.
Remember to sound out carefully and to leave super finger spaces between your words. Can you show me how beautifully you can form your letters too.
Maths Seeds : 30 minutes (minimum)
'The Dump'
Can you make a collage of the dump where the bear ended up. Use magazines, flyers, newspapers, catalogues to cut items out of to create your own dump.
Can you draw the 'Everywhere Bear' on the dump too.
I can't wait to see them.
Look at the passage below, can you circle all of the words that contain the 'ch' and 'sh' digraphs. Maybe your grown ups could read it to you and you could shout 'stop' everytime you hear 'ch' and 'sh' and then you could find it within the word...
I went shopping with my Dad. We went to but fish, chips and some cheese. My Dad let me push the trolley. We had to shop quickly as the shop was shutting. We ate the chips for tea with some chicken.
Knowledge and Understanding
How many different species of bears can you find?
You could send me a video to let me know.
Well done on another super day's learning Reception.
Mrs Smith x
Tuesday 9th February
Using your 'Everywhere Bear' from school, read these sentences that tell you where to place your bear and take a photo of him there...
Put him on a mat.
Put him in a pan.
Put him on top of a tin.
Put him in the sink.
Put him in the bath.
Look at a picture of a cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder...
Q:What shapes are their faces?
Q:How many corners do they have?
Q:How many straight edges can you count?
Q:Which of these shapes can roll?
I can't wait to here all about what you find out shape investigators.
Design a waterproof outfit for your 'Everywhere Bear' can you label what you have drawn and tell me what material it would be made out of.
Q:Can you tell me what 'waterproof' means?
Knowledge and Understanding
Look at the list of different species of bears that you found yesterday. Choose 5 of them and find out all about what they like to eat.
You could write them down or send me a video after you've finished investigating.
Lexia: 30 minutes (minimum)
Keep working really hard for your grown ups at home Reception, you are making us all really proud.
Wednesday 10th February
Let's have another super day Reception...
Imagine that your 'Everywhere Bear' is going on a holiday and draw, and label me, a suitcase full of things that he might pack...
Q: Where might he go?
Q: What would the weather be like?
Q: What would he need to pack and why?
I can't wait to see your packed suitcases.
Look around your house, can you find any objects that are cube, cuboid, sphere or cylinder shaped...
Q: How do you know that you are right?
Think about your maths challenge yesterday to help you.
Can you show me what you have found?
Make a junk model suitcase for your 'Everywhere Bear'. Can you add a label to the case with your address on it, just in case he gets lost on his travels again!
Please can you send me a photo of your model.
Knowledge and Understanding
Everywher Bear would like to visit three hot countries where the weather is nearly always hot, and three cold countries where it is nearly always cold.
Please can you help him to find out where he could go. You could use your i-pad, maps or books to help you.
Please could you read these sentences about Everywhere Bear to your grown ups...
I am a bear.
I like to sing.
I can run fast.
Can I hug you?
I like ham and chips.
Let me know how you get on...
Can you do 'Cosmic Kids' 'We're going on a Bear Hunt.
Thursday 11th February
Happy Thursday Reception, make me proud...
Listen to your grown ups read these words to you, they are from our class book...
Can you write down each of these words by yourself and then write a sentence with each of them in. Remember to use a capital letter ate the beginning of the first word of your sentence, and then a full stop at the end.
Maths Seeds : 30 minutes (minimum)
Make a chocolate 'Everywhere Bear' face (see our class dojo stories next week for an example). You will need greaseproof paper, chocolate and sweets to use as ears, a nose, a mouth and eyes.
Make sure that you send me a photo of him before you eat him!!!
Next Tuesday is 'Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday'. Listen to this song to help you to remember how to make them next week in the school holiday...
Sue Bleazard, Early Years Song, Pancake Day: Making Pancakes  (YouTube).
Yesterday you had some common exception words (tricky words that you just can't sound out) in the sentences that you had to read to your grown ups. Please can you play a game of 'Splat' using those words and some others...
Good Luck!
Great work today again Reception. Are you ready for our Chinese New Year Day tomorrow?
Mrs Smith xx
Friday 12th February
It's Chinese New Year!
Why not celebrate by...
Watching a Chinese Lion or Dragon dance on YouTube.
Making your own Lion/Dragon mask or puppet.
Making a dragon with breathing fire (see dojo stories for pictures).
Try copying some Chinese character (letter) writing.
Listen to/watch the story of how the animals were chosen to represent the Chinese calendar.
Find out which animal represents the year that you were born.
Maybe even try some Chinese food.
Let me know what you decided to do to celebrate today Reception.
Have a lovely Half Term rest with your Everywhere Bear too!
I look forward to seeing all of your photographs.
Mrs Smith x
Week Beginning 22.02.21
Hi Reception! I hope that you have had a super fun Half Term break. It was lovely to see you on our home visits waving through the window and it was lovely to see you on Friday during our weekly Zoom chat.
Our class read this week is 'Jasper's Beanstalk' By Nick Butterworth.
Monday 22nd February
Please can you listen to/watch the story on YouTube.
You are going to try very hard to write two speech bubbles to add to a picture of Jasper. Please can your grown ups read these two sentences to you for you to have a go at writing independently into two speech bubbles. Maybe you could cut them out and stick them on to a picture of Jasper that you have drawn...
1. "I am going to dig in the mud."
2."I am going to plant a seed in a pot."
I can't wait to see your super sounding out and beautiful neat writing.
Can you order the days of the week in the right order if your grown up writes them out for you? Maybe you could make it into a challenge by turning over 1 card at a time (you and then your grown up) to see if you can start with 'Sunday' and then order the rest in the correct order.
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you watch a video clip of a seed or bean germinating and growing.
Q:What do you notice happening first?
Q:How does the seed/bean change from the beginning to the end?
Can you send me a video of you explaining what you have seen please.
Please can you paint/draw/colour a picture of a beautiful plant pot for Jasper to plant in. Maybe you could paint an actual plant pot if you have one too.
I can't wait to see your lovely pots Reception.
Phonics Splat: Can you play a game of splat using the digraphs that we have already learnt...
ch, sh, th, ng...
Can you also think about as many words as you can that contain our next two digraphs 'ee' as in sheep and 'oo' as in 'cook' and 'tool' ('oo' has both a long and short vowel sound.
The short vowel sound for the digraph 'oo' makes it sound like an 'u' phoneme (sound).
English can be a trick language to learn Reception. I will add a video to class stories on dojo to help you.
I know that you'll all be trying your very best at home again this week and I can't wait to see your super work.
Mrs Smith x
Tuesday 23rd February
Happy Tuesday Reception xxx
Maths Seeds : (30 minutes minimum)
Imagine that you could grow a 'Magic Beanstalk', what would you grow and why? Please can you write 3 sentences to let me know. Remember sounding out carefully, finger spaces and careful letter shapes. Don't forget your full stop at the end of each sentence too.
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you draw and label a flower with the labels...stem, head, roots, leaves and petals. You may need to find out about which part of a flower is which first.
Lexia : 30 minutes (minimum)
Can you make a Jasper mask and wear it to re-tell the story to your grown ups.
Please can you send me a video of your story re-telling.
Hope that you've had another great day Reception xx
Wednesday 24th February
For your English task today, please can you write out the days of the week in your neatest handwriting. Please remember to keep your writing small and to think about how each letter if formed correctly. Remember that some graphemes sit on the line whilst others hang underneath it. Think about tall and short letters too.
I can't wait to see your beautiful hand writing.
Ask your grown up to play a game of 'Splat' with you using the days of the week. Once you have practised finding them, ask your grown up for a challenge of finding the day that comes 'before' or 'after' the one that they shout out.
Let me know how you get on!
Knowledge and Understanding
You have all grown just like Jasper's beanstalk did. Can you draw and label me some pictures of 6 things that you can do now that you couldn't do when you were a baby.
Can you go for a walk with your grown ups (maybe just around your own garden if you can't go elsewhere) and take some photos of any new signs of plants or flowers that are starting to grow.
I look forward to seeing your photographs.
Common exception words...
Please can you write out these words onto beanstalk leaves and stick them up around your house. Play a game of 'Find Me' with your grown up, they shout out one of the words and you have to go and find it...
my, me, go, he, she, here, said, the, then, 
Good Luck!
Thursday 25th February
Happy Thursday Reception, let's have another great day...
Can you create 6 unusual flavoured jelly beans. they can be as yummy or as horrible as you like. Please can you draw each bean and colour it (maybe multi-coloured) and then write a label to tell me which flavour you have chosen for each bean.
Have a look on YouTube for some catchy 'Days of the Week' songs (sorry grown ups!) and listen to a couple. Can you choose your favourite and try to learn it to help you to remember the order that the days come in.
If you are very brave you could send me a video of you singing one...
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you find out about which fruits/vegetables grow underneath the soil and those which grow above it.
Split a piece of paper into two halves with a pencil line (this will be the soil line) and draw/label the fruits and vegetables in the right half of your paper.
I wonder who will find the most?
Can you do some observational drawings of some fruits and vegetables. Look closely at them (or pictures of them) first.
I can't wait to see your works of art.
'Phonics Play' : choose a phase three game to play, with some of the new digraphs that we have learnt ch, sh, th, ng, oo, ee...
Sound out carefully and decide if they are real words or nonsense ones.
Good luck Reception...
Well done! I know that you will have tried your very best again today.
Mrs Smith x
Friday 26th February
Happy Friday Reception, let's have another 'Fun Day Friday'...
Can you make the 5 different sized beanstalks from 'Jaspers Beanstalk' and cut them out. Can you put them in order from shortest to tallest?
Ask your grown ups to choose one and to ask you to find a shorter/taller one (repeat this a few times and then see if you can do the same to challenge your grown ups).
I bet that you will get more correct than they do, let me know how you get on.
Write a book review about 'Jaspers Beanstalk'. Draw a picture of the front cover of the book and write a sentence to tell me what you liked about the book...
Q:Which was your favourite part of the story?
Q:Did you think that it was a good book? Why?
Please send me a photo of your work, I would love to see them.
Lexia: 30 minutes (minimum)
Show your grown ups how to play the 'Beans' game...
Runner Bean: running on the spot
Jumping Bean: jumping on the spot
Jelly Bean: Being all wobbly like jelly 
French Bean: shouting "Ooh La, La"
Chilli Bean: Shivering on the spot
Baked Bean: Lying down on the floor sunbathing
Ask your grown up to shout out one of these and see if you can do the correct action as quickly as possible.
Maybe you could send me a video clip?
Why don't you have a fun afternoon doing some of your favourite activities while your grown ups have a well deserved rest.
Have a super weekend Reception! Not long now until we will all be back together again in our classroom.
Love Mrs Smith xx
Week Beginning 1.03.21
Happy Monday on the last week of your home learning Reception!
Let's have a great week...
Monday 1st March
Our class book this week is 'How to grow a Dinosaur' By Carly Hart and Ed Eaves. Listen to the story on YouTube.
Please can you write me a set of instructions for planting a seed. Remember to use your time adverbials...first, next, then, after that and finally...
Try to make your writing as neat as you possibly can too.
Maths Seeds: 30 minutes (minimum)
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you draw and name label 5 different dinosaurs?
I would love to see them, choose your dinosaurs carefully Reception, some are very tricky to spell!
Lexia: 30 minutes (minimum)
Dinosaur footprints: Can you draw some different dinosaur footprints. Can you make some large ones and some tiny ones too.
Don't forget to call at our gate to collect your 'WELL DONE!' magic jelly beans at some point this week. It will be lovely to see you again before next Monday.
Mrs Smith x
Tuesday 2nd March
Let's have another super day Reception, it was lovely to see all of you who came to our class gate to collect your 'Magic' jellybeans yesterday...
Imagine how big a dinosaurs feet and hands (Raptor, T-Rex) would have been. Please can you measure your handspan and foot and your grown ups too. If you do not have a ruler to measure in cm's then maybe you could use a piece of dried pasta, building blocks or a button etc... (just make sure that you use the same thing to measure everything).
Please can you draw around your hand and foot and those of your grown ups and then right down how wide/long they were.
Can you write two sentences to tell me which dinosaur you would choose to grow and why you would choose that particular one.
I have seen some beautiful sentences so far this week and I know that you will try your very best again tomorrow. I can't wait to see them...
Knowledge and Understanding
Can you find out what 'herbivore', 'carnivore' and 'omnivore' means.
I would love to see a little video of what you find out.
Please can you create your own dinosaur and name him. Draw and colour a picture of him and write his name. Can you tell me what he likes to eat too please.
Please can you sound out these words to your grown ups and decide which are 'real' words and which are 'rubbish' words...
Remember those new digraphs Reception!
One day closer to us all being back together in 'Fantastic Foundation'.
We miss you lots, Mrs S & Miss D xx
Wednesday 3rd March
Happy Wednesday Reception. I hope that you have another super day learning at home.
Look at the front cover of the book. Can you copy the front cover as carefully as you can. Take care to try and make the writing as similar to the cover as you can. Look at the upper (capital) and lower case letters and try to use the same or similar colours if you can.
Please can you send me a photo.
Dinosaur problems: please can you try to work out these dinosaur addition and subtraction number problems. You can use pictures, pasta, buttons etc... to help you.
1. 5 dinosaurs get on a bus and then 4 more, how many are on the bus altogether?
2. There are 10 dinosaurs on the bus and 3 get off and then another 2. How many are left on the bus?
3. 6 dinosaurs are on the bus and 3 more get on. At the next stop 2 get off the bus. How many are left on?
4. There are 7 dinosaurs on the bus but there ate 12 seats. How many seats are empty?
5. 2 dinosaurs get on the bus and then 2 more and then 2 more. How many are on the bus altogether?
Can you make a junk model dinosaur from any empty boxes that you can find at home. If you cannot make a model maybe you could use lego or play dough etc...
I would love to see a photo.
Knowledge and Understanding
What can you find out about fossils?
I would love to hear all about what you have discovered in a short video clip...
Can you read these sentences with your grown ups and draw a circle around each of the following digraphs that you can see...
ng, sh, th, ch, ee, oo, ck
1. The man was digging in the rocks to find a short dinosaur. 
2. The thing that the child found needed to be looked at.
3. I was pushing a sharp rock and then I hurt my finger.
4. I think that some dinosaurs made a singing noise that went cheep, cheep.
Another great day Reception, remember that it's World Book Day tomorrow and don't forget to call for your magic 'Well Done' jelly beans.
Mrs Smith xx
Thursday 4th March
Happy WORLD BOOK DAY Reception...
The book that we have chosen is 'Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory' By : Eyls Dolan
I hope that you have a lovely day reading lots of your favourite books and eating lots of chocolate. Here are some suggested activities for our world book day story...
You can listen to the story on YouTube.
  •  Make a bunny mask.
  •  Face paint your grown up as a bunny.
  •  Potato print a chicken picture.
  •  Melt some chocolate and make some new   shapes with it.
  •  Design your own Chocolate Egg making   machine like Mr Bunny's.
  •  Write a note to Mr Bunny asking him to be   nicer to the chickens.
  •  Design a box with fancy packaging for Mr   Bunny's chocolate eggs.
Enjoy a wonderful book filled day!
Hi Reception, Happy, Happy Friday!!! I am so excited to see you all on Monday and I would like to say a MASSIVE  'THANK YOU' to all of your grown ups for helping you to work so very hard at home...
So, today is 'Thank you Grown Ups Day' and here are some special things that you could do for your special grown ups at home...
  • Give them a huge hug and a squeeze and whisper a special 'Thank you' into their ear.
  • Make them a super 'Thank you/Well Done' medal for them to wear.
  • Make them a lovely 'Thank You' card/message.
  • Give them a special foot /shoulder rub.
  • Maybe even brush their hair of do their make up (my bad!!!).
  • Snuggle up with them and watch your favourite movie.
  • Read them a story.
  • Tell them how much you love them.
  • Give them one of your biggest smiles ever.
...and tell them that Mrs Smith and Miss Deakin would like to say 'Thank you, thank you, thank you' xxx
See you on Monday superstars!