Welcome to Reception's class page
Our Reception children at Culcheth Community Primary school are encouraged to be confident, inquisitive, independent individuals. Children who are not afraid to explore the unknown and seek answers to their endless questions. 
Our Children have an indoor room, a covered outdoor learning area and their own gated outdoor area in which they can choose to learn ...
Little Wandle
Please find the Parent Guide to our new Phonics programme below.
Our School Day in Reception...
A Whole Class Phonics Session
Catch-up Phonics Groups
Daily English and Maths Lessons
Independent Learning Opportunities Indoors and Outdoors
Directed Challenge Activities
Throughout The Week..
PE Sessions
Guided English and Maths Sessions
Guided Art/Craft Activities
Weekly Yoga Sessions
Endless Speaking and Listening Opportunities
Helpful Hints...
Below are some publications to help you understand more about the Early Years framework and outcomes for your child. Please feel free to download and read them. If you have any questions please call school and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
Learning From Home?
Below are some useful websites and you tube clips to help...
'Yoga for Kids' - some really good interactive yoga sessions that are easy to access at home.
'Phonics Play' - some free interactive phonics games linked to Letters and Sounds (try out the 'Phase 2' games).
'BBC Bitesize' - There are some really good Early Years/Reception activities and clips for the children to use.
'Pronouncing phonemes correctly' - These are you tube clips which demonstrate how to pronounce phonemes (letter sounds) correctly.
Moe Jones : YouTube, Exercise workouts for parents and children to do together.
Oak Academy (online) have lots of online learning for Reception/Early years.
I hope that you find these useful, I will continue to add to the list.
Thank you Mrs Smith.
The children will have their reading books changed twice a week on designated days and we would would ask that they bring their reading folder in to school with them each day.
Along with reading books they may also bring home key words on cards that they need to learn or letter sounds that they are struggling with. These will be accompanied with a list of suggested games/activities for you to do with them.
Please can you sign their Reading Diary each time that you read with your child, along with any comments that you wish to make about their efforts/achievements.
In order to give your child the best possible start to their Reading Journey we ask that you read with them at least three times a week for 15 minutes, the time that you invest is invaluable to your child becoming a confident, independent reader and we really appreciate your support.
Maths Seeds
Your child will also receive a password and log in details (contained within the front cover of their Reading Diary) to an online Maths Scheme for them to complete at home. We recommend 20 minutes minimum per week but are sure that they will be eager to do more.
Hello to all of our new Superstars joining us in September 2021...
We are very excited to have you joining us in Reception this year, and we hope that you have a wonderful Summer that you can tell us all about in September 
Mrs Smith & Miss Deakin
Dear Parents/Carers,
Here is the link to invite you to join our class Dojo.
Many thanks Mrs Smith
Our Learning This Spring 1 Half Term...
Phonics : We are continuing with our Little Wandle Revised Letters and Sounds and are revisiting and applying all of the Phase 2 & 3 Phonemes, Digraphs and Trigraphs that were sent home with the children over the Easter break.
English : Our Key class texts this half term are 'Christopher's Caterpillars' (as a carry forward from last half terms 'Life Cycles' Knowledge and Understanding topic, due to the late arrival of our baby caterpillars) and 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'. We are focusing upon sentence structure (capital letter and full stop), correct letter formation and applying our Letters and Sounds knowledge to help us to 'Sound Talk' and rehearse our sentences, along with 'Blending Those Sounds' to enable us to write them.
MathsThe children are exploring a unit based on 'Measures' and are learning to compare and order objects and quantities based upon length, height, capacity and weight.
They are also investigating 'Pattern', both within number and 'Shape'. They are creating and continuing patterns with 3 or more criteria.
The children are working with numbers up to 20 in both addition and subtraction calculations and are securing addition number bonds to 10 for rapid recall.
Knowledge and Understanding : The children are concluding their 'Life Cycle' topic from last half term by growing and observing our class caterpillars transition into butterflies.
We are also visiting the 'Sea Life Center' to introduce our 'Oceans and Holidays' topic, where the children will learn about the ocean as a habitat and many sea creatures along with the effects of pollution.
The children will begin to learn about where we live in relation to other countries around the world along with exploring different modes of transport to reach these locations. They will also explore their own personal past travel experiences.
Throughout each area of learning within their discreet lessons and Continuous Provision Challenges', the children will be encouraged to develop their Speaking and Listening Skills and their ability to make reasoned judgments and opinions through targeted key questions from staff.