Year 1

Welcome to Year 1s' class page
Our P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday and children need to bring their bookbag everyday.
This half term your child will bring home two reading books everyday and keywords. Please try to read at least three times in a week.
Phonics Games:
Why don't you try Phonics Play
the Obb and Bob game.
Maths games:
Why not try ICT games.
Welcome to our classroom
The information below should help to support your child's learning at home.
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Our Work This Spring Term
Numbers up to 50
Whole/Part modelling within 20
Addition and Subtraction within 20
Introducing Length and Height
Introducing Weight and Volume
Comparing and Ordering Numbers up to 50
Counting in 2's and 5's
Solving word Problems
Finding and Comparing Number Bonds
Handwriting, Correct Letter Formation
Sentence Structuring, remembering full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, sounding words out carefully (applying what we have learnt in Letters and Sounds).
Re-reading our writing to edit and improve
Non Chronological Report Writing
Rhyming and Alliteration
Time Adverbials
Old/New Toys, comparing their features and the materials from which they are made.
Debugging simple Programs
Understanding and Using a Keyboard
Using Word Processing Skills to Edit Work
 Looking at the Artist Claes Oldenburg and his work on 3D sculptures.
Using levers to create moving pictures.
Creating simple free standing 3D sculptures.
Understanding shapes and methods of connecting.
Introduction to Islam
Christianity: Jesus
Talk for Writing
From Reception the children learn to write using 'talk for writing', this uses pictures and photographs to plan a piece of writing and then use this as a guide to produce their work.
Here is an example...
Home Learning
The following activities will be set daily for the children via Class Dojo:
A Maths Activity: We will alternate between 'My Maths' and a practical maths activity. When completing a practical activity then we would ask parents/children to send a picture of it via Class Dojo.
A Phonic Activity: This will be either a 'Phonics Play' session (a link will be given) or a practical phonics activity.
An English Activity: At least 1 activity a week will be based upon a book that the children have read for pleasure at home, eg, a book review, an alternative ending or writing another chapter.
A Daily Story: This will be a recorded story read by a staff member for the children to listen to on Class Dojo.
A Daily Read For Pleasure.
A Kahoots Quiz: Once a week we will have a Kahoots Quiz where the children can login at a certain time to play the quiz with the rest of their class.
A Special Topic: Once a week the children will be set a special activity which could be something like planting a seed or baking a cake or take a flower apart and label the parts that you can see...
All activities will be set through Class Dojo.
Many Thanks
Mrs Smith
Here are some website which may be useful to practice Maths and English at home.
Phonics Play using the username - march20 password: home
My Maths
Oxford Reading Buddy
Supermovers on the BBC
Joe Wicks on youtube
Classroom Secrets
White Rose Maths (advice for parents/phonics and useful videos)
Useful Apps to download if possible...
Bee Bots
Monday 23rd March 2020
Hi year 1, here are your tasks for Monday...
Maths: Please complete 30 mins 'My Maths'.
Phonics: Please log on to 'phonics Play ' and re-cap the Phase 3 Pirate Treasure/Trash Game.
English: Make a sandwich for lunch and write a set of instructions to tell someone else how to make it. Remember your 'time adverbials' year one... First, Next, After that, Then,Finally
Art/Craft: Can you make an observational drawing of a flower or plant, or make a 3D model of one using junk materials.
Your Challenge Task which will last all week: A Scavenger Hunt...
Can you find, draw and label something that is...
Tuesday 24th March 2020
Maths: Use one of your shoes to measure how long 10 objects around your house are. Draw each object and record how many shoes long it is.
Phonics: Make 2 sets of cards with the 'real' and 'nonsense' words below. Play matching pairs and snap with them (reading them as you go along) and then sort them into 2 piles, a pile of 'real' words and a pile of 'nonsense' ones...
English: Read or retell one of your favourite stories to a grown up. Draw a picture of it and write 8 full sentences about it. Remember to use the conjunctions, 'and', 'so' and 'but' to extend your sentences and take care to make sure that its your best handwriting. Extra Dojo point for adding some super exciting adjectives too.
Science: Plant a seed and make/start a 'seed diary'. Record what you have done so far with sentences, pictures and labels and then keep updating your diary every week with the changes that you can see.
Remember that you still have the weekly 'Scavenger Hunt' challenge too.
Well done on a fantastic day today year 1, hope you have another great day tomorrow.
Keep sending your photos and videos to me.
Speak to you tomorrow, Mrs S x
Wednesday 25th March 2020
Maths: 30 mins 'My Maths'.
Phonics: Free 'Phonics Play' (if the server is down, if not, Log- in : march 20, Password: home) Revise Phase 3 Dragon's Den.
English: Pick a character from you favourite story from yesterday and describe them using some interesting adjectives. Use full sentences and draw your character too.
Art/Science: Go outside and find some leaves. Look carefully at them and draw them/ print with them or use them to make a collage.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Make a spaceship using whatever you like, junk modelling, Lego, paints, pens, play dough...
Another fantastic day's work Year 1. Keep it up you're AWESOME!!!
Mrs S x
Thursday 25th March 2020
Maths: With a piece of string, find, draw and label 10 things that are longer than your string and 10 things that are shorter (go outside into the garden too if the weather is good).
Phonics: Look through some books and make a list of any words with the 'ear', 'igh', 'air' or 'ure' trigraphs in them. How many can you find?
English: DRAMA- Make some stick puppets (tape them to spoons if you need to...) of the characters from your favourite story and create/perform a puppet show of the story.
Yoga Time: You Tube, yoga for kids (1/2 hour ish sessions related to a story) FUN, FUN, FUN !!! - Year 1, grown ups must join in too!
STAR CHALLENGE: Can you make a boat that will float and hold a small toy?
More fantastic work today year 1, WELL DONE!!
Mrs S
Friday 26th March 2020
Maths: 30 minutes of 'My Maths'.
English: Think about all of the 'fairy tales' that you know. Pick your favourite 5 and then make a list of...
1. The characters within each one.
2. The main settings within each one.
3. The problem that happened within each one.
4. The happy ending within each one.
Reading: Go and read/share a book in a place around your house (inside or outside) that you usually wouldn't read a book and send me a picture. Extra Dojo points for the most unusual place.
PSHE: Make a medal for the grown up that has been looking after you and teaching you from home this week as a 'Well Done!' and 'Thank you'.
Enjoy some Friday GOLDEN TIME and let me know what you get up to.
An act of kindness: Please try to feed the birds in your garden, they must be missing your playground snack crumbs.
Well done on your first full week at home school year 1, you've all been amazing for your grown ups and I'm very proud of all of your efforts.
Mrs S X
Monday 30th March 2020
WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Decorate an egg for a competition.
Maths : 30 mins 'My Maths'.
English: Make a fact file about yourself, writing in full sentences. What is your favourite...
TV show
Phonics: Trash or Treasure, make a set of cards with 10 real and 10 nonsense words on them and take it in turns to turn 1 over and read it by 'sounding out'. Make a pile of real and nonsense words.
Reading: Use the internet to find out 3 facts about Easter.
Art/Craft: Make a nest for a chick using whatever you can find.
Tuesday 31st March 2020
Get a tin from you cupboard and find/draw 10 things that are 'Heavier' and 10 things that are 'Lighter' than it.
English: Write a set of instructions for making chocolate Easter krispie cakes (..and make them if you can).
Phonics: Play any Phase 4 game that you like.
Reading: Read me a story, video it and upload it to your dojo portfolio.
Wednesday 1st April 2020
Maths: 30 mins of 'My Maths'
English: Write an Easter poemie, 'At Easter we...' or 'E is for...'
Phonics: Choose a book and make a list of how many split digraph a-e (ie, have), I-e (ie, hive),o-e (ie, home) that you can find.
PE: Learn 'The Birdie Song' dance (your grown-up's must join in too!)
Thursday 2nd April 2020
Maths: Compare the weight of objects...
A ------- is lighter than -------
A ------- is heavier than -------
English: Write a letter to me telling me all about this week so far. Remember full sentences and adjectives.
Phonics: Watch 'ALPHABLOCKS' on you tube.
Art: Make an Easter bonnet or basket.
Friday 3rd April 2020
Maths: 30 mins 'My Maths'
English: Make an Easter holiday scrapbook to stick photos into.
Reading: Read together with your grown ups or to you favourite teddy.
Please can you still continue with daily 'My Maths' and Reading too.
You are Captain of a Pirate Ship and a crew and here are your tasks...
1. Make a treasure map to help your crew to find treasure on your Treasure Island.
2. Design a flag for your ship and create a name badge with your Captain name on it.
3. Design an outfit for yourself and one for your crew.
4. Draw and label your ship.
5. Make a pirate telescope.
6. Write a list of jobs for your crew and a set of rules too.
7. Make a treasure chest and fill it with stolen treasure from around your house.
8. Make a model of your ships parrot and give it a name.
9.Make a 'REWARD' poster for your capture as Captain, include a picture of yourself an a description.
10. Design and make your own eye patch.
11.Make a 'tinfoil' doubloon.
12. Design your own Captains hat.
Captain Smith xxx