Year 5

 Welcome to Year 5
 Below you should find useful information about what your child is learning this half term. You can keep up to date on our classes weekly life on Class Dojo.




PE kits should be kept in school all week.

Homework is set Friday and must be completed by Friday. Homework for Year 5 consists of 30mins Mathletics (3tasks) TT Rockstars (optional) for Reading Plus 30mins a week (two stories which make a combination) As well as reading 3x a week (Reading Plus counts as one of these times). If you are unable to access the online homework please contact us via class Dojo.  Your Mathletics and Reading plus passwords can be found in your reading diaries. Also once every half term Homework will be a project based activity. You will have a set criteria for this type of homework.


Each Friday your Reading Diary will be checked to confirm you have read at least 3 times a week. So make sure you ask an adult to sign it.


Below are some maths games that you should try - let me know how you get on! Click on each game to give them a go...

Power Lines - an addictive game...keep patient and don't give up! number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving
Word Problem Challenge 1 - can you solve these word problems?
Word Problem Challenge 2- now try these...